"Choreography is outstanding... a major highlight"


"Jacob Brent's choreography is outstanding; from the beat of the first number to the finale he has slathered his dance creations with admiration of 80s dance. Brent must have glued his eyes to every MTV video from the 80s as references and inspiration. The ensemble executes the choreography in clean, pristine unison throughout the evening. Brent has his dancers create a myriad of patterns, lines, formations and staging all over that set. Even in the dark, when they had to change or bring set pieces on stage, you could see them dance in character. Brent does not only bring the film's choreography on stage, he spices it up with his own creations. The choreography for the roller skating is enchanting to say the least! His choreography is a major highlight of the entire production."

—John Garcia

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